You and your partner have now been recruited to join the Toddler-nauts! 

You will dedicate your life to find the missing pieces and repair space. 
In a 2 player space adventure, you will share responsibility to protect and defend the lost space pieces.

A game made for Gobal Game Jam 2020.

Polished and gave it some love after the game jam ended!


- 2 players

- Controllers of your liking

- Left joystick -  Move

- Right joystick - Rotate

- Triggers/Bumpers - Shoot and/or to pick-up/drop-off space pieces

- Match missing pieces to empty spaces

- Don't let enemies get you 

Made with:


Made by:

Ariana Tomcsak -

Gabriel Holtschlag -

Suraj Sirohi -


Download 30 MB
Download 28 MB

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